Mark Shepard

Tactical sound garden

The Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] Toolkit is an open source software platform for cultivating public “sound gardens” within contemporary cities. The Toolkit enables anyone living within dense wireless (WiFi) “hot zones” to install a “sound garden” for public use. Using a WiFi enabled mobile device , participants “plant” sounds within an audio environment. Wearing headphones connected to a WiFi enabled device, participants drift through virtual sound gardens as they move throughout the city.

Mark Shepard is an artist and architect whose work explores the opportunities and dilemmas emerging in the wake of an expanding information economy. His cross-disciplinary practice draws on architecture, film, and new media in addressing new social spaces and signifying structures of contemporary networked environments. His current research focuses on the impact of mobile and pervasive technologies on architecture and urbanism. His work has been exhibited at Anthology Film Archives, New York; Artists Space, New York; Queens Museum of Art, New York; Beall Center for Art and Technology, University of California, Irvine; Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Florida; Cyberfest, Boston; Hot Docs, Toronto, Canada; Viper International Festival of Film, Video and New Media, Basel, Switzerland; Impakt Festival, Utrecht, the Netherlands; and the Arealle99 Electronic Arts Festival, Brück/Linthe, Germany. It has been supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, The Experimental Television Center, the U.S. Department of Education, USIS BERLIN/Amerika Haus, and the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics, Culture and Technology, among others.