Markus Kleine-Vehn

Who is Afraid of rgb?

Who is afraid of rgb? is my first statement about the relationship from painting to computer art. Similar to those methods and applications as used in the field of music, the basic operative gesture within my work could be described as ?sampling?. Out of a given visual context ? in case of multimedia original material most often also an acoustic one – I segregate distinctive informations. A series of patterns, colours, sounds, ?materials? etc? is thereby generated: signs that form a pool of information, one that is being continously widened. Based on this informational pool I synthezise assemblages, the ?works?: in case of ?who is afraid of rgb? a series of so called minimal animations. Elements of the home computer world and of older computergames in particular are put into relation to the familiar elements of colourfield painting. As such a complex associative field, they deliver the main frame of reference, a visual/acoustic and conceptual one. The minimal.animations are integrated into an animated home-pc-surface. Since they are not conceptualized as a movie to be shown in an already predetermined way, they have a strong pictorial character instead. The colourfield movements and the sounds are programmed and such displayed by random choice.

Markus Kleine-Vehn lives in Berlin. 1989-1996 studies of art – Kunstakademie Muenster