Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel

Locative Painting

Locative Painting is a web artwork that forms a painting on the screen where the strokes are giving by the participants according to their geographical position (zip code) creating so a locative media on the screen. The participant chooses the stroke color and it is painted from the previous stroke location to the participant’s location on the screen. After participating, the person receives by e-mail the painting image including his/her stroke highlighted and his/her name printed on it. The work also sends a SMS to the participant’s cell phone, when the event context allows that. By allowing that each participant creates a stroke based on his/her location, the work permits that each person has his/her unique moment in the painting. On the other hand, as all strokes connect people’s locations and allow so a multitude of crossing paths, the Locative Painting creates a communitarian painting exchanging and crossing paths that maybe would never happen in life. Technically, the work is formed by three layers overlaid – a) a local layer with the São Paulo city map hidden behind it; b) a country layer with the Brazil map hidden behind and; c) a global layer with the World map hidden behind. Every position on the painting are calculated using the Google Maps and Brazilian Mail System – each zip code entered is transformed in absolute latitude and longitude, which allow the stroke to be painted in the right position on the screen according to the layer it should belong to. There are many benefits and issues related to locative media. Its potentialities and implications have been increasing as locative and pervasive technologies develop. However, the intentions of this work are: a) to create awareness about how easy it is to be located regardless any technological device, and; b) to extract in some ways the poetics revealed by locations and their emerging digital connections.

Artist, engineer, postgraduate in marketing and graphic design. Master’s degree in course at ECA/USP. Director of technology at NMD, received 11 iBest Awards. Professor of new technologies at University Anhembi Morumbi. Speaker at internet and art conferences in Brazil and abroad, including SIGGRAPH2005. “Featured speaker” at CUMREC 2004, USA. Awards Best Presentation of Track, WebdevShare2003, USA; and Best Presentation of Conference, HighEdWevDev2004, USA. Website: