Matt Parker


A digital game about movement in the physical space, the game’s distorted mirror stimulates players to twist and stretch their bodies to obtain a high grade. Swinging one foot inside a green spot this side of the screen, while stretching his hand to reach another green patch on the other side, keeping inside a red spot, is something that can only be done by someone fully conscious of his body and fully unconscious of his aspect.

Matt Parker is a new media artist and game designer. His work has been displayed at the SIGGRAPH Asia, the NY Hall of Science, the Museum of the Moving Image, and Sony Wonder Technology Lab. He co-created the game Lucid, which was a finalist in Android’s Developer Challenge 2 and his game Recurse was a finalist for Indiecade 2010. His project Lumarca received the “Create the Future” award at the World Maker Faire 2010.