Michael Aschauer


SE.Exit is a “location aware road-movie”, a continuous recording of the way from Vienna to Sofia, captured with a webcam and GPS-receiver in nearly 18 hours of videostream and 70,149 single images. It is an approach of mapping this territory, its “new” geopolitical landscape, its peripheral area and borderlands, as well as an experiment with new geo-narrative structures.

Michael Aschauer is digial media artist, un-disciplined researcher and freelance technologist. His work is focused around the development of ideas and depictions for a contemporary society that is amongst others increasingly shaped by technology and technopolitcal issues – as a consequence his toolset builds on free software and open hardware – and a society that is seriously heading towards its own head crash very soon. Full Artist CV: http://m.ash.to/w/u/About/Aschauer-CV-EN-2011.pdf