Miro Soares – One of these days

One of these days

This work is almost like a picture or a landscape painting. A fixed tableau, but in motion, which can also be related to the work of Johan Christian Dahl, who is considered the pioneer of Norwegian landscape painting and part of the romantic movement.

MIRO SOARES. MANTENA-BR, 1981. LIVES IN PARIS AND ELSEWHERE. Master of Arts and Digital Media and Ph.D. candidate at the Sorbonne University. Visual artist, filmmaker and traveller, Miro Soares has participated in exhibitions in different countries, including: Centre Pompidou (France), Bergen Kunsthall (Norway), Amber Festival (Turkey), Oi Futuro (Brazil) and ArtTechMedia (Spain). He was awarded by the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo and has participated in artistic residences in Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Norway, Germany, Finland and Netherlands.