Moises Mañas

Untitled City

Untitled city is an interactive “hypertextual” city in the web, inspired by the texts of paul Virilio ” Speed and Information: Cyberspace Alarm”. It is a city without name, information ( text, color, direction… ) move by the screen. The user interacts through infinity of random connections that, in a chaotic navigation, assumes the rate of the same city, of the great avenues, the communications. This city of the information, with murmurs, sirens, beats of heart, sounds of machine gun or the difficult breathing of which “it circulates” could be anyone, without title…

Moisés Mañas.1973. Spain. Professor associate. Sculpture Department, Fine Art Faculty, Polytechnical University of Valencia, U.P.V., Spain. Member of the research group “Laboratorio de Luz”. Graduated in Fine Arts by U.P.V (1999). Graduated in Advance Studies in Visual and Intermedia arts by U.P.V. Studies in electronic art in Southampton Institute, Art School, UK., and Carnegie Mellon University, Art School, Pittsburgh, USA. Research grant in Ars electronica Center, 2002. Jury in multimedia section in Ciberart-Bilbao 2004 Festival. Actually is working on his final thesis about new media art. His works has been presented in different new media art festivals and shows, in and out of Spain since 1998.