Motomichi Nakamura

Red Eyes

“Red Eyes” is a six video projection installation project. I was inspired to create this piece after reading about the mythical creature known as Mothman and the paranormal events that took place in the town of Point Pleasant in West Virginia in 1967. According to a series of witness accounts, this creature was slightly larger than a human being and had two big eyes that glowed as red lights, and it was so terrifying that “no one who saw it could be indifferent to the creature, as somehow the thing struck terror into the hearts of all its viewers.” What I found very interesting about this story is that what the majority of witnesses found most frightening about the encounter is the pair of red eyes staring at them from the darkness. The community as a whole then seemed to become so obsessed with the idea of the red eyes that even those who didn’t experience the encounter with the creature firsthand could vividly recall the image. By having different sets of red eyes scrutinize the viewer from a series of dark screens and by using a rear projection technique, my intention is to allow the viewer to come face to face with the creatures on the screen and to use the image of the red eyes as a symbol that even when devoid of its original context could still instill a sense of fear in those who witness it, resembling for instance the images in dreams that are considered to have an universal meaning.

Motomichi Nakamura was born in Tokyo, Japan, and graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1996. He currently lives and works in New York City. Through a variety of media including animation, video installation, net art and painting, Motomichi intends to explore the intensity of expression that can be achieved through a limited use of color and simple graphic elements. Some of the prevalent themes in his work are related to basic human emotions and fears. His digital animations have been exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City and Neuberger Museum of Art in New York. His work is also part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt, Germany, and is been showcased as part of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s online collection. As a VJ he has performed his live video/animation mix in several venues in Europe and at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City. Commissioned work includes web/broadcasting animation, character design and games for clients including MTV Networks, MTV Japan, SONY, the Scifi Channel and NTT Docomo.