NaJa & deOstos

Ectoplasmatic Housing

“Ectoplasmatic Housing” is a speculation on how houses can mediate the pervasiveness of the ‘infocalypse’ age. It cultivates data as domestic elements that grow, blossom, die and haunt. The installation is an architectural experiment of physical and digital space through the use of interactive design and augmented reality. It operates as a medium connecting the visiting public with their invisible footprint within the space. Extending the physical construct an augmented reality layer of information floats in the space and interacts with the users. Through the use of sensors people’s presence alters the digital space generating a feedback loop between the physical and the digital. In this scenario architecture is less a historical shelter and contemporary dump yard of phantasmagorical digital social interface, it is an interface kit for surviving in an ‘infocalypse’ age.

NaJa & deOstos is a London based architectural studio exploring symbiotic relations between emerging cultural patterns and architectural narratives. With a strong research based design focus attitude Nannette Jackowski and Ricardo de Ostos seek to generate an adventurous (and sometimes excitingly dangerous) but beneficial built environment through critical and challenging speculation.