Nanette Wylde


Tru ValU is a project which employs webpage counters via cgi scripts, and the web safe 216 color palette. The web safe 216 palette includes only those colors that are consistent between Macintosh and PC operating systems. The palette is based on six value increments each for Red, Green and Blue and has nothing to do with beauty. Web designers are encouraged to use the web safe 216 palette to insure their design consistency cross platform. Animated squares of the 216 web safe palette are arranged on a grid. The site visitor clicks on a color. A new page comes up based on the sequence of code for the color selected. The background color for each page is randomly selected from a similiar sequence of code, creating a diverse range of color relationships. The palette narrows in like components through three selections, and then returns the full 216 palette. Each page includes a \’counter\’ which documents the number of times that page has been selected. Statement: Tru ValU is an investigation of beauty and the 216 web safe color palette. The site responds to visitor selection by displaying color relationships based on mathematical determinates. I am thinking about containment and control… the systems and codification of beauty, and how these are sanctioned and internalized in larger social constructs. I am thinking about centralities, the randomness of designations, and the reduction of our global palette to 216 \’safe\’ elements. I am thinking about the need/desire/propensity and willingness to count, and the values we place on numbers however arbitrary their assignments/connections to things meaningful in our lives. I am thinking about the expansion of simple mathematical concepts into metaphors both hidden and inherent in information technologies and the implications thereof. I am thinking about individuality, plurality and the singularity of the moment. I am thinking about what is important, what is not, and how we determine what is meaningful, valuable and relevant in our lives.

Nanette Wylde is an artist, writer and cultural worker making meaning in language-based works which are generally created in hybrid media. She has a BA in Behavioral Science from San Jose State University and a MFA in Interactive Media from Ohio State University. She is Professor of Art at California State University in Chico, California where she developed and heads the Digital Media and Electronic Arts program.