Nathalie Lawhead

Tetrageddon Games

“Tetrageddon Games” is an open source freeware arcade created to explore the re-definition of interactivity, and how interactivity has revolutionized entertainment using the game medium, and the internet as a delivery platform. It consists of a collection of “Pop Games” translating the digital age’s cultural taboos, icons, and web humor.

Nathalie Lawhead is a poet, writer, designer, animator, photographer, sculptor, and classical artist, liberally mixing these creative outlets into her on-line work. She currently operates as a freelancer, and senior designer for the infamous web design team codenamed AlienMelon. Nathalie’s work includes oddities such as, a poetically twisted interactive vector animation featuring her poems, the, a collection of 21st century Haiga, and a seizure inducing visual Flash blog. She is one of the authors of New Masters of Flash Volume 3 by Friends of Ed.