Neryth Yamile Manrique Mendoza

Virtual Landscapes

“Virtual Landscapes” is an animation of fragment’s images that were captured from a computer screen. I used the images of glitches to distort and make new compositions in multimedia animation that integrate music and sounds. The soundtracks used were distorted too to create mixes and random effects to be integrated into digital animation.

I was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia (January 25, 1975). Education: Systems Engineer (2000) and School of Fine Arts, University of Santander Industrial (2000-2006). Areas of work: Photography, Digital Art, painting, performance and installation. I participated in the Area Eastern Regional Exhibition Artists-Colombia, (2005.2007 and 2009). I exhibited my work in Santa Clara, CUBA, La Paz, BOLIVIA, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, I won Award of artistic creation in thecnical free at 2010 in Bucaramanga and award of departamental Creation in new visual forms, 2010, in Santander, Colombia.