Nina Ross

The Foreignness of Language

This self-portrait, performance video draws on the artists efforts to learn Norwegian for her partner, to explore how second language acquisition influences and disrupts identity. Learning a language is about learning to participate in a culture. The process of learning a second tongue involves adapting and adjusting to knowing- or not knowing oneself in an unfamiliar language. The foreignness of language investigates the duality of having two languages sitting inside oneself and as a result having ones sense of self in a constant state of flux. This video examines the tension of being caught between two languages, represented by the experiences on the body as a metaphor for the repercussions on a sense of self

Nina is a Melbourne-based artist who works predominantly with video, performance and photography. With a strong research based practice Nina’s work explores language acquisition and it’s repercussions on a sense of self (identity) in a globalised world, drawing on her own experiences of living in Norway and learning Norwegian. Nina has recently completed a Master in Fine Art (Research) at Monash University in Melbourne and has exhibited nationally and internationally including One Night Only- Oslo, INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE- BERLIN, Experimenta- Speak to me- 5th International Biennial of Media Art and has received various grants and awards, such as the City of Melbourne young artist grant and the Australia council for the arts ArtStart grant.