Olle Cornéer & Martin Lübcke

Public Epidemic Nº1

“Bacterial Orchestra” (2006), a self-organizing evolutionary musical organism where each cell lives on an Apple iPhone (it can be ported to any mobile phone, but the iPhone was chosen because it’s popular and the centralized App Store makes it easy for the epidemic to spread). That way, hundreds of people can gather with their mobiles and together create a musical organism. It will evolve organically in the same way as “Bacterial Orchestra”, but it will also be much more infectious. The installation and the ideas behind it can be traced from different areas such as chaos theory, self-organizing systems and neural networks. The goal? A world wide sound pandemic, of course.

Olle Corneer is a musician working with everything from futuristic pop (Super Viral Brothers) to installations (“Bacterial Orchestra”) and functional/dumb (but not simple!) electro (Dada Life).
Martin Lubcke is a programmer with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics – and a thesis about stable formations in plasma and approximation methods for superstring theory.
Together they share their love for self-organizing systems and thinking about the fundaments of music.