Otávio Donasci

30 Anos de Videocriaturas

More than a documentary, “30 Anos de Videocriaturas” is part of Otávio Donasci’s life. Born in the state of São Paulo (Brazil), 1952, and with a Master’s Degree in Plastic Arts, he is a multimedia performer, director of design and multimedia performances, who had an idea of designing an original and unpublished artwork in 1980 through video performances called “Videocriaturas” for the most video and electronic art festivals in the country and also abroad (New York, Paris, Berlin, Montreal, Lisbon, and Japan, which had a great echo in local press). He also participated in three editions of São Paulo International Biennial. Throughout his career as a design director, he was been awarded with prizes, such as Colunistas, Clio, Cannes, International Film Festival of NY, Sawa, and SITE. Among the reviewers who recognize the relevance of his work, we quoted names like Candido Mendes, Arlindo Machado, Eduardo Kac, and Renato Cohen and also some articles on international magazines and specialized websites in electronic art and performance.