Pablo Rosero


The ~ Liv project propose a coexistence between the sound and the visual object starting from the premise of the no-dialogue with both languages and availing through the many different ways to make meanings with the relations and conflicts that can be find experimenting with the superposition of this two worlds.

Since 2005 to 2010 He made music studies in the Franz Liszt conservatory (Ecuador) piano and composition with a scholarship, in Sonica “school of electronic music” (Argentina) digital composition & electronic music also whith a scholarship, CEAMC (ARG) period 2010. Parallel with his institutionally studies he has taken particular classes with more than ten professors in Argentina and Ecuador More relevant: Daniel Mancero (piano jazz), Hitar Cuesta y Martín Kyne (electric guitar), Terry Pazmiño (classic guitar), Lanna Greco(violin), Felipe Cisternas (composition), Diego Taranto(analysis), Antonio Zimmerman(composition), Graciela Tarchini(musical language). He has participated in more than 15 workshops, talks, seminars and master class, wich was selected, more relevant: Piano master class (Anton Salnikov, Nino Gvetadze, Washington García), “Seminario de Instrumentos solos CCEBA 2011” (ARG), “Seminarios Festival Tsonami 2011” (ARG), CEIBO “Curso de especialización en música contemporánea 2011″(ARG). He has participated in festivals, meetings and concert in Ecuador and Argentina. More relevant : “Festival Mes Fraz Liszt” 2009-2010(ECU), “Encuentro de arte sonoro Tsonami 2011″(ARG), “Festival MicroSonica 2011″(ARG), with the electronic experimental band “Detractores de la Armonía” in the “Festival de BrutArt”, many ocations(ARG), as an integrate of the laptop orquestra Laptork “Conciertos en el Limbo”(ARG), in the “Festival Sonica 2011″(ARG).