Paul Wiersbinski

Robo Cats in Titan City

The Video Installation “Robo Cats in Titan City” reflects on issues of Science Fiction by mixing different layers of utopic and disutopic image history with parts of the last interview given by one of the most controversial German intellectuals of the 20th century, Ernst Jünger. In the first part, the videos show experiments and footage of medical experiments and contemporary cyborg development, accompanied by Jünger talking about the development of human brains due to computer technology and connects this thought to the revolutionary potential of our time. The second part then deals with the mystical Germanic concept of Titan and Gods, which stands for an antagonism of the sensual world against a reality driven by efficiency and constant progress. This quote is visualized with footage of Hitler´s plans for turning Berlin into “Germania”, pictures of disutopic anime videos and images from a 1920s catshow, in which these animals are bread and altered towards the aesthetic standard of their owners. The videos are interrupted and culminate into the famous internet clip “Nyan Cat” which is one of the most successful products of contemporary collective culture, creating millions of views and inspiring countless reproductions and references around the globe. Art Theorist Boris Groys talks about the human race turning into reproduction organs for machines, producing endless amounts of new computers, smart phones, cars and robots, but yet it remains an open question if the development of technology and images serve as a product of transgressive and childish entertainment or in fact are the first signs of a new and never seen before manifestation of a collective consciousness.

Paul Wiersbinski studied video art with Mark Leckey and Douglas Gordon at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. His work has been presented in intl. Exhibitions: “RECORD > AGAIN!”, ZKM Karlsruhe (2009), “Cynetart” European Center of the Arts, Hellerau (2012), Queens Art Museum New York (2012), MOCA Taipei (2013) and he took part in several international residency programs: CENART La Esmeralda, Mexico City (2010), Universidad Nacional de Columbia, Bogota (2012), Hotel Proforma, Copenhagen (2013).