Peptone: Elie Zananiri & Hugues Bruyère

Presence [a.k.a. Soft n’ Silky]

Presence [a.k.a. Soft n’ Silky] uses a double sided surface to support a tactile user interface designed to enable and to enhance corporeal co-presence. The focus is on creating interactive pieces on a system that captures whole body inputs through both sides of a haptic medium. The physical characteristics of double sided haptic medium play a critical role in the way of creating experiences of face to face embodied interaction and co-present performances. The notion of double sided interactive surface, in which multiple co-located participants are invited to interact on both sides of the membrane, permit us to rework our assumptions and perceptions about co-present and touch interaction in general. This project offers simultaneous layers of communication performance, in which the participants use their bodies as the creative element of the interface. By expanding and amplifying interaction via the implication of co-present bodies, we produce an interface that engages people on the intellectual, emotional, and physical levels. Credits: Installation by Hugues Bruyère with Elie Zananiri. Conceptual framework “Performative Surface: Double Sided Interaction” by Hugues Bruyère and Thierry Giles.

Peptone is the hybrid baby of Elie Zananiri, an animator and programmer that will one day become a cabinetmaker; Hugues Bruyère, a programmer and designer that will one day become a chef; and Mathieu Léger, an illustrator and paper-folder that will one day become a funeral urn maker. They join forces to create whimsical, poetic games where losing your inhibitions is more important than winning.