Philomène Longpré


Octopus is an interactive video installation projected onto a moving structure where images and sounds explode with all of their poetic strength. This place invites visitors to explore the links between individuals and their environments, and the sudden changes that these trigger. Octopus proposes a reflection on a persons interactions with the surrounding network of human relations, as s/he is absorbed in the construction of his/her own space. This piece highlights the influence of others actions who sometimes ignore their own importance on a precariously constructed individual space. Interactions between an individual and his/her milieu provoke changes whose cause remains hidden to this individual and those with whom s/he is in contact. Octopus questions individual reactions to mass behaviour and to the everyday turmoil of events. Anger, destruction, liberation: visitors must find their own meaning.

Philomène Longpré is a media artist whose research encompasses robotic art, interactive video, and performance. Since 1999, her works have been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world. Recent exhibitions include Cereus – Queen of the Night, at the PHI Center during Elektra International Digital Arts Festival and Formica, at the C-2 Mtl and at the BIAN International Digital Arts Biennial in Canada ; Illusio, at the EXIT and VIA Festivals in France; Telematic Exchange, at the Looptopia Festival and at Collider Festival in United States; Octopus, at FILE Electronic Art Festival in Brazil and AIR Hong Kong Arts Centre in Hong Kong ; and Passage, at BUDI in South Korea, Thaïland New Media Art Festival and at the Festival Di Cupramontana in Italy.