Piotr Kopik

Big Psomm 2

“Big Psomm 2” is a documentary movie about an experimental event, which has happened in Second Life where participants had to choose between especially created avatars and become them. Each avatar was a piece of one giant avatar and its parts weren’t realistic or easily recognizable what made the task harder to accomplish. Spontaneously the participants became a team, or teams, in which every single person played some different role, because of his choice of body part avatar and his behavior. Big Psomm’s moving parts, their talking and efforts to become one, isn’t it an illustration of a common state of the mind and the body? Hundreds of thoughts, conflicted body feelings and needs, dissociation of consciousness, every single one is Big Psomm.

Piotr Kopik Born in 1979 in Warsaw. Diploma at the Painting Department of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in prof.?Jaroslaw Modzelewski’s painting studio and at the Art in Public Space studio headed by prof. Miroslaw Duchowski (2003).? Installations, graphics, painting, drawing, video, machinima, performances; co-founder of the Flying szu szu gallery (since 2001). Selected solo exhibitions: 2010 “Cybis, Nacht & Big Psomm 2”, Galeria 2.0, Warsaw (PL) ? 2008 “Psychosomatic Rebuilding”, Witryna, Warsaw (PL) ? 2007 “Rurka” (Straw), lokal_30, Warsaw (PL) ? 2005 “Jest pewne wyjocie” (There is Some Escape) , XX1, Warsaw (PL) ? 2004 “Piwnice” (Cellars), (together with Ivo Nikic), CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (PL) ? Selected group exhibitions: 2010 “Through the virtual looking glass”, Harbor gallery, Boston (USA) ? 2009 “File Machinima”, File Electronic Art Festival, Sao Paulo, (BR) ? 2008 “TIT FOR TAT” – Counter Images for Transcultural Thinking and Acting”, szu szu, , Graz, (AT) ? “Kashanti”, szu szu, Volt, Bergen (NO) ? “Chanut” (Shop), szu szu, International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, Bat Yam (IL) ? 2007 “Zwyczajny terror” (Common Terror), Galeria Entropia, Wroclaw (PL) ? 2006 “You Won’t Feel a Thing”, Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden (DE)? “szu szu meets kunst-fu”, szu szu, Progr, Bern (CH)? 2003 “Laboratorium szu szu” (szu szu Laboratory), CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (PL)