The installation “Acusmograma”, consisting of four clear acrylic boxes equipped with speakers on the upper part and LED tracks on the bottom, works as a kind of an analog sound analyzer. Within the boxes, different substances resonate the frequencies emitted by the speakers, refracting and reflecting the illumination from the LEDs, thus recreating the space where the installation is located. “Acusmograma”, beyond being a technical device, uses technical-scientific references to question the way technology is currently produced. It is exactly on its apparent lack of practical application that the subversion of “Acusmograma” lies, revealing not only a “special effect show”, like in a magic performance which has the purpose of deceiving and entertaining, but also intending to show through a series of energy transformations (electrical, kinetic, data) that the technological issue is the production of action, whether it has or not a goal. It is exactly at this nonsense point that the poetic of “Acusmograma” lies, where the thin line between functionalism and uselessness is broken, generating a sense of uncertainty and confusion, thus allowing a critical analysis between technique (media) and intention (poetics).

PirarucuDuo, founded in 2009 by Fernando Visockis and Thiago Parizi, acts in the fields of art and music, making research and works that relate both those fields. Their works have a hybrid character, blending art, music, technology, sonic art, performances and other media, always highlighting the poetic discourse. It has accomplished the solo exhibition “Vereda de Remendos” (2010) and “Cândida” (2011), both at CCJ – Ruth Cardoso, Sao Paulo; participated in the collective exhibition “A is for..”, at gallery Untitled (Barcelona, 2011); and CERNE, Instituto de Artes UNESP (Sao Paulo, 2011); Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica (Sao Paulo, 2011); Festival Visual Brasil, Parque de la España Industrial (Barcelona, 2011).