Projeto Aquarpa: Eduardo Nespoli, Thiago Salas Gomes, Lucas Almeida, Flavio Jacon de Vasconcelos & Leandro Pereira Souza


Aquarpa is a collective art Project which integrates non-conventional musical instruments, computer resource and audiovisual improvisation. Aquarpa Project investigates the art improvisation realized by means of digital software which process audio and video in real time. Focusing on this conception, the Aquarpa Project created at the year 2010 the Mnemorfoses performance. Mnemorfoses uses electronic instruments, string instruments, woodwind instruments and percussion instruments, all of them especially created for the project. Over that, the project uses a series of collected objects that are used for musical proposes. Mnemorfoses explores the intensification of synesthesic perception which results of the cybernetic relationship between the memory and the ambient mediate by audiovisual machines.

Eduardo Nespoli is musician, sound artist and performer. He develops works with sound and technology, the creation of musical instruments, sound sculptures, audiovisual installations and performances. He graduated in music and obtained the degree of doctor of arts at State University of Campinas. He works as teacher and researcher at Arts and Communication Department, on Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar). He is the coordinator of the Laboratory for the Construction of Musical instruments on Federal University of São Carlos.