Raquel Kogan


In reflection#3, the projection of numbers, managed by a computer, occurs on the wall, giving the idea of a text being read. Its image is reflected on the floor in a reflecting pool, thus creating a continuous movement, but never repeated with the reflection of its posit and opposite; as if the numbers were rising from one mirror to the other, successively, because the rising image is always the one that was reflected. A reflection of the reflection (reflection – the identity of going into yourself, going out of yourself, of experience and distance). To reflect the image, reflect the others and yourself, to make part of the exterior glance. The work is made of elements that act between each other and on the viewer, when his/her very presence is projected on the wall, making the projection disappear and putting in its place its shadow, and simultaneously the projection is displaced to his/her back, making it disappear and re-appear under different points of view, exposed voids – supposed voids in a network of relationships. The user/work interaction occurs in two ways: in the interactor’s body, depending on his position in the exhibition space (when his shadow is projected on the wall and the work on his back); and in a keyboard, which, when used by the interactor, modifies the speed of the projected numbers’ fall/rise. So, relationships are modified, since the other and not only you can modify and interact with the work, someone else is interacting with the keyboard the way he wants, therefore modifying his perception and that of everyone else in the space.

Raquel Kogan: BA in architecture. Awarded at the Transmedia Itaú Cultural in 2002, made reflexão # 1, also shown in Ciber@rt in Bilbao. The investigation in digital media continues: projeção, 401; au.to re.tra.to 1, ocupação#1, reflexão#2 in the kinetic digital exhibition at Itaú Cultural and ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, reflexão # 3 in the Festival Art@outsiders, Memória do Futuro in Itaú Cultural, File Sao Paulo / Porto Alleger and in the exhibition Instant at SESC. The video BMG 8970 was accepted at the 15th Vídeobrasil Awards; [[[prog: ME]]]; Rencontre Internationales Paris / Berlin. The object rever in featured at the Cultural Center of Spain in Montevideo, and the installation mov_ing in the Transitio-x Festival, Ctrl C + Ctrl V at SESC Pompeia and code_live in Vancouver. The interactive video installation ponte in being performed at SESC Paulista, Fundación Telefónica in Buenos Aires and the exhibit Agora / Ágora; the installation reler is presented at the 4th biennial of art and technology Art.ficial Emotion, participated in the File 2010, being awarded by File Prix Lux.