Ricardo Nascimento


This project is an interactive video installation where, inside a dark room, you face a policeman in the same proportion that you are, thus you are in the same level of power. Then he starts speaking to you and asking the reason you are there, making a lot of questions using his pseudo power. If you don’t say anything the policeman becomes bigger and bigger. This will continues until you start saying something. According to the volume of your voice the policeman size starts to diminish. In this way the power relation is equalized by decibels.

Ricardo Nascimento,1977. He works as artist, multimedia developer and producer. Graduated in International Relations by PUC РSP and Multimedia Design by Art Center SENAC РSP since 2006 he is a regular master student at Kunstuniversität Linz at the Interface Culture Department. He investigates body-environment relations focusing interface development and autonomous adaptative systems for interactive installations and hybrid environments.??He participated in many festivals and exhibitions in Europe, Asia and America. More at: www.popkalab.com