Ryoichi Kurokawa

Rheo: 5 horizons

“Rheo: 5 horizons” is an audiovisual installation which is composed of 5 flat-panel-displays and 5 multi-channel speakers. It provides the space to rediscover the sonic movement, position, and the relation between ego and sound. These resonances have an impact on sensory perception and it is developing a similar synesthetic experience. The sounds is added a width and a depth via an integration of auditory and visual sense and it builds spatial audiovisual construction which gives a renewed recognition of space. The term “rheo” in the title means flow, current, stream from the Greek word. And this work translates temporal and spatial transition to audiovisual motion as dynamic fluid. It embodies the notion of fluid time by utilizing audiovisual composition in space. The integration of imagery and sound lays out spatially temporal movement, direction, speed, shapes, colors, weights, and textures on parallel time-line. It puts the dynamic of moving sounds and imageries into the form of diagram. The multiple layered sounds and images are building the time sculpture in cycle time of 8 minutes loop.

Ryoichi Kurokawa is a young audiovisual artist from Osaka (Japan). He declines vibrant and refined universes through clips, albums, installations, and performances, where glitch minimalism breaks up and re-assembles in more complex and vertiginous structures. Kurokawa was born in 1978 in Osaka. In 1999, he started creating video and sound work and presented audiovisual work, installations and screenings in various art, music and film festivals. Recently Kurokawa won the prestigious Golden Nica 2010 – Prix Ars Electronica (Linz) in the category of Digital Music & Sound Art with his latest pentaptych audiovisual installation ‘rheo: 5 horizons’ produced by Cimatics.