Shaun Wilson

Uber Memoria XXI #03

As the viewer watches this piece, nothing really happens – and that’s exactly the point, a kind of ‘slow cinema’. The only perceived movement is either atmospheric or optical changes which under closer inspection are played backwards. “Uber Memoria” is an ongoing series of video art that centres on aspects of memory and place through deliberations of slowness.

Shaun Wilson is an Australian video artist who explores notions of memory and place through video art, miniatures and painting. He has exhibited widely over 20 years both nationally and internationally in artist run spaces, commercial galleries, art museums and contemporary art centers which includes CCCB Barcelona, Museum of Contemporary Art Fenosa Union, Center on Contemporary Art Seattle, Australian Center for the Moving Image, Australian Center for Contemporary Art, The Cologne Art Fair, and the Museum of Fine Arts Moscow. He is a Senior Lecturer in Video in the School of Media & Communication, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.