Steger produção de efeitos especiais ltda.

Simulador de Ondas e Simulador de Turbilhão

The movement of water through ingenious systems has allowed the creation of the Waves and Whirlwind Simulators, which interact with spectators by means of a remote control. Besides the visual effects and interactivity, the simulators serve as an explanatory example of dynamic and complex systems’ operation. In complex dynamic systems, results may be unstable along time, which means that certain results are caused by the action and interaction of elements in a practically aleatory way. Nature is full of effects of that kind, such as, for example, the formation of clouds, waves and hurricanes. Such phenomena are unchained and developed according to several factors, which are: heat, cold, winds, the climate, among others. All of those variables influence the occurrence of unstable and aleatory results. In a playful way, the simulators demonstrate the operation of the so-called “deterministic chaos”, because, using the systems created by the inventor it will be possible to observe the alteration of phenomena caused both by the change of the speed variable, as of the time variable. Through observation and interaction, the spectator may notice that both the whirlwind and the waves, although influenced by constant speeds, develop random and catastrophic movements.

The inventor Guilherme Steger’s special effects company. He started in the special effects area in 1975, at first rendering services of carpentry, painting, piece-making. With abilities in the mechanic field, Guilherme stood out creating ingenious solutions for advertising videos. Now his company produces equipment that supply the most varied special effects needs, mainly for the advertising industry. Here are some examples of inventions made by Steger for commercials: – motorized beds, for Honda Fit – rotating crane on the roof of a Ford Ranger – simulation of beer factories, for Itaipava, Skol, Bohemia, and others – athlete robot, for Olimpikus – live pliable stage, for Terra