The Demise

Adopted by rich and very strict couple from Silvermoon, little Alasse is deprived of her childhood. One night as she looks out of the window, she sees a strange, bright light coming from a nearby forest. Night is the only time when guards hired by Alasses parents don`t follow her. She decides to take her chances and sneak out through the window, to check out the mysterious light. This isn’t another fairy tale about incredible people and heroic acts. This is a breathtaking story, about simple people, hope, drama and forbidden love that went one step too far.

As a little boy I was drawing random stuff in my notebook to kill boredom in school. After creating my first messy image on ATARI 64XE, I fell in love with computer graphics. Few years ago, I’ve discovered Adobe Photoshop. It’s still my favourite application for 2d graphics. Making my hand-drawn images alive by animating them was just an inevitable evolution. My dream is to achieve world domination by creating the most awesome machinimas. I won’t give it up untill I reach my goal!