Stickes World

“EdgeBomber” is a “Pervasive/Augmented Game”, where the player uses real tape, stickers and scissors to create their own playgrounds on a wall. The procedural system grabs the scenery and creates a virtual level for the jump’n’run video game, based on our game-engine “Z100”. The grabbed playground is extended with items and enemies and is projected back to the original scenery. The augmented reality level is created, where the hero “Ozkar” has to resist the attacks of hubert the chair, the flying sausages and the evil Tapeboy and more… After playing “Edgebomber”, the gamer receives a special code to play and share the levels via Internet (aka Flashbomber). “EdgeBomber” was developed in an artist’s residency at the ZKM, Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, and has already been shown at several digital festivals, venues and art events. Stand up and start stickin!

Susigames is an independent game art label founded in 2001, currently working as associated artists at the Institute for Visual Media at ZKM (Center for Arts and New Media). Susigames consists of 5 people from different disciplines including media arts, illustration design, robotics, computer graphics and electrical engineering. Their current aim is to research alternative approaches to well-known videogame standards and cross borders, such as: game installations; real world player integration; interface & interaction design incl. hand-ons; realtime & realworld simulations