SWAMP: Matt Kenyon

Improvised Empathetic Device

SWAMP’s I.E.D. (Improvised Empathetic Device) project aims to give real and physical presence to the death and violence occurring in the Middle East, by creating direct physical pain from the event of killed soldiers, whose toll and details are silently relegated to small or no print. A custom software application continuously monitors a website that updates the accumulation and details of slain U.S. soldiers.

Matt Kenyon is an artist and educator who focuses on critical themes addressing the effects of global corporate operations, mass media and communication, military-industrial complexes, and general meditations on the liminal area between life and artificial life. SWAMP (Studies of Work Atmosphere and Mass Production) was founded in 1999 by artists Douglas Easterly and Matt Kenyon who collaborated from 1999 through 2012. Kenyon now runs SWAMP solo in addition to being an Associate Professor in the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan in the United States.