Tamura Yuichiro


“NIGHTLESS” is a road movie composed entirely of images from GoogleStreet View. The story transcends national borders as it takes spectators on a journey from Nebraska to Chiba, Alaska, Portugal and Marseille. The sun never sets on the views in this movie. Does this movie created without actual filming deserve to be called a “movie”?

Born in 1977 in Toyama, Japan, Yuichiro Tamura graduated from Nihon University, College of Art, Photography Department. Currently he is a Ph.D. candidate at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media. Most of his works are based on a photography. His major work is a film “NIGHTLESS” (2010) created entirely with the images from Google Street View. He is a participating artist in the Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama’s Creator-in-Residence Program in 2010 (for one year).