Cloud is an acclaimed action flight game that allows players to realize their life long dreams of imaginative flight, manipulating clouds and creating weather. “A childhood dream simulator” is how many of its fans describe it. It is about a kid kept in the hospital daydreaming himself fly in the sky, making shapes out of clouds and eventually use rain to clean the world. The game was designed to evoke everyone’s fantasy about clouds and flight, and their best wishes towards the nature. The game is completed as a USC game innovation lab research project. It had over 500,000 downloads over the internet. And triggered a heated debate of whether video game is art.

One of the first-generation videogame design graduates from USC School of Cinematic Arts, creator behind the multi award-winning student game Cloud and flOw, co-founder of thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen is dedicated to expanding the emotional spectrum of videogames and making them available for a much wider audience. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Jenova ventured to the US in 2003. One of his greatest dreams is to bring the best messages to the videogame world. Like what Hayao Miyazaki did to anime, Jenova wants to be one of the heroes who can turn videogames into a form of art and play that can be appreciated and enjoyed by every human being.