VJ 1mpar


hol is a generative conceptual audiovisual project created by the multimedia artist Henrique Roscoe. All the compositions have a correspondence between audio and video, and they are both played live, in real time performances. The project is based on the idea of synesthesia. Colors, shapes and movements of each element are synchronized with notes, harmonies and rhythm. Both music and image have the same importance and they are frequently generated together as the artist plays a note on the keyboard. A new and unique software instrument is created for each composition, so that the concept of each theme can be developed in its full possibilities. There is also a conceptual approach in all compositions, so that each one represents emotions and feelings about each theme that is being developed. Each work is the result of an idea that will be materialized afterwards in sound and image. Some compositions are produced as installations and they can work without the participation of the artist, in a generative way, or even interacting with the public through sensors. Generative forms of creation have an important role in the project. Although the artist has total control over many parameters, some are generated in a completely random way. Thus, the compositions are never played exactly the same way in each performance, making them unique and always new.

VJ 1mpar is a project by digital artist, musician and designer Henrique Roscoe. Abstract shapes and vectorial drawings are the basis of his work, that always uses a proprietary content (except in specific, thematic cases), and doesn’t use cameras to construct its bases. All videos and animations used in his presentations are productions totally computer-made, or hand-drawn and scanned. Since he started the project, in early 2004, the VJ has made live images for DJs, bands and even a string quartet.