Yto Aranda

Cyber Birds Dance

CYBER BIRDS DANCE Immersion in the monitor They are visible, but you can’t see them / they appear, they disappear, they are there / we feel their visual, sonoric and virtual presence / as ghosts. This is how we experiment nature in our life. We are hypnotized in front of our television sets. We aren’t able to feel the loss. Is it through a screen that we now connect to nature? Cyber Birds Dance is a work that makes you reflect on and through the Internet. Joining this fascination for new technologies, this work is an invitation to wake up from hypnosis through hypnosis. It’s an invitation that reminds us that our major heritage, our environment, is under threat and it’s been detrimental for it; while thousands of us focus our attention on different screens (Computers, television sets, mobile gadgets, cinema; at home, in the subway, in the car, in the street, etc) distracted, and a bit insane (working, learning, communicating, having fun, etc). “The overexploitation of the wild species as well as the gradual disappearance of their natural habitat in different parts of the world has caused the extinction of a great number of species both animal and vegetal”. “The protection of our wild life is more effective if we provide educational resources and raise environmental awareness” . 261 mini animations. Work Interactive designed for the Internet. January-February 2008

She researches different visual languages mixing her pictorial background with her interest in digital art and new media, combining different disciplines. Her work is based upon the ASCII aesthetics; a reference point of her different works. Each artistic experience influences the other (intersections), thus opening the boundaries of each discipline in order to eventually create works, which are the result of her individual and collective reflection on different matters. Gather, retain, renew, re-think, re-use. Reflect. Her main leitmotiv is the human being, its ways of communication and its environment (natural and artificial). Isabel Aranda Yto – visual – digital artist She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in painting at Universidad de Chile in 1990. She´s a professor of Multimedia Applications at Universidad del Pacífico.