Leo Castaneda

Levels and Bosses

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Avant Digital Art
Electronic Language International Festival

Levels&Bosses is a transmedia adventure game that explores neo-primordial worlds where all landscapes, technology, and beings are identifiably interconnected. You play as The-Other, a post-human cyborg on a quest to understand their impact on the biomes around them after emerging from a cataclysmic explosion. As destruction prevails, unearth vibrant spectrums of observation and communication techniques to shape transforming conditions across Levels&Bosses. Reimagining binary gaming tropes of antagonism and hierarchical structures of power, Levels&Bosses gives audiences the choice in interaction towards more sustainable futures.

Leo Castañeda (b. Cali, Colombia 1988) is an artist and game designer living in Miami, FL. Fusing gaming, painting, virtual reality, drawing, and sculpture, Castañeda’s work reimagines the racial, socio-economic, and post-human anatomies that govern mythologies and societal systems across our globalized world. For ten years Leo has been developing the “Levels and Bosses” series using the structures of gaming to create artworks and narrative through feedback loops of analog and digital. Questioning modes of interaction and power structures, the work now culminates in an interactive video game and transmedia sci-fi experience.