Sam Rolfes

Studio Visit: Stages One, Two, Three, & Final

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Avant Digital Art
Electronic Language International Festival

Studio Visit: Stages One, Two, Three, & Final” is a semi-satirical walk through the Rolfes virtual performance methodology; a fake Let’s Play that pulls apart the motion capture, VR puppetry, and dramaturgy of the team’s influential live stage practice as they walk through the digital worlds of 4 iconic performances.

Sam Rolfes is a pioneering virtual performer, artist, and co-director of the realtime digital performance and image studio Team Rolfes with his brother Andy Rolfes, which specializes in figurative animation, VR puppetry and mixed-reality collage.

Rolfes’ practice expresses itself across multiple formats including livestream improvisational comedy, live motion-capture animation on large festival stages and underground rave bunkers, print design for fashion collections, album covers, and music videos for collaborators including Lady Gaga, Danny Elfman, Danny L Harle, Nike, Netflix, Adult Swim, and music festivals across the world.