Anaisa Franco

Expanded Eye

Electronic Language International Festival

“Expanded Eye” is a sensitive, bright, and interactive sculpture formed by a gigantic transparent eye hanging from the ceiling. This eye looks at the user with an infrared camera, and projects the user’s own eyes inside the sculpture, which recognizes blinking, and generates an animation based on it. Each times the user blinks, the number of eyes in the projection multiplies in a fragmented, hexagonal and dislodged way. The purpose of this work is to expand the view of the human being, inviting them to be observed by their own eyes through a great transparent interface which multiplies the user’s view points. The sculpture seeks to look within in a magical context where perception joins self evaluation and observation.

Open Frameworks Programming: Jacqueline Steck and Carles Gutiérrez
Open Frameworks and Processing Programming: Alvaro Cassinelli
Structure building: Oswald Aspilla Pérez
Developed at the Medialab Prado in Madrid.
Awarded with the VI ARCOmadrid/BEEP Electronic art Award.

Anaisa Franco, born in 1981, graduated in Visual Arts at FAAP, São Paulo, in 2004, and finished her MA in Digital Art and Technology at the University of Plymouth, England, UK, in 2007.
Since 2005, she has been developing works in Medialabs by means of residencies and fostering in institutions such as Medialab Prado, Mecad, Mediaestruch and Hangar in Spain, MIS and SP_Urban in São Paulo, Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan, China Academy of Public Art Research Center in Hanghou, China, Cite des Arts in Paris, ZKU in Berlin, Creativity and Cognition Studios and VIVID Sydney in Australia.
Since 2002 she has carried out international exhibits in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas, for instance: EXIT Festival in France; ARCO Madrid in Spain; Europalia in Brussels; Live Ammo at the MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan; TÉKHNE at the MAB in São Paulo; Sonarmática at the CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in Spain; the 5th Seoul International Media Art Bienalle in Seoul, Korea; Vision Play at the Medialab PRADO; Experimenta Biennial in Australia, among many others. She is represented by the Galeria Adora Calvo in Spain.