FILE BH 2014 – Installation

Thembi Rosa & Lucas Sander– StairsInwards

“StairsInwards” is a video installation made by the choreographer and dancer Thembi Rosa in partnership with the filmmakers Lucas Sander.
This video installation was designed to be project in stairs in a system of mapping that keep the whole body into the stairs bringing up unpredictable movements to this surface.
Audiovisual register made by the video artist Paula Santos and soundtrack by Ricardo Carioba.

Thembi Rosa is a dancer and choreographer. She has a master’s degree in dance by PPG Dança of UFBA (2010) and a graduation in Literature by UFMG. Since 2000, she performs dance projects in partnership with O Grivo, with invited choreographers and dancers. She is part of Dança Multiplex with Renata Ferreira and Margô Assis, and the Project Interferências, a nomadic community created by more than 20 artists of several countries.

Lucas Sander works in the field of audiovisual as a director, editor, finisher and digital artist. He directed the short films Caixa de Pandora, in partnership with Paula Santos, Funeral for a friend, with Milan Pingel and Leonardo Amaral. He participated of several works of the director Cao Guimarães as editor, finisher, photographer and assistant director. He is a founding member of the audiovisual collective Tauma.