Editorial Conception: Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto
Design: Fábio Prata and Flávia Nalon
Year: 2003
Pages: 160

FILE is now launching its book entitled “Novas Mídias / New Medias” with texts by: Ricardo Barreto, “Anarco-culture”, a philosophical stamp about the current condition of the digital culture where the author theorizes the world net information considering the nature of its time (catatonic time); Paula Perissinotto, “Traveling through the new media”, with the intention of contacting the development of the new media, the author narrates a trip through several exhibitions and European institutions of contemporary art, including the Kassel Documenta XI; Artur Matuck, “Mediamatic manifest for a webvirtual proto-art” is a contemporary manifesto of the current situation among art, science and technology; Ricardo Rosas, “Symptoms of a sonic contamination”, where the author discusses the new situation that the music lives in the breast of Internet. The book gathers about 260 digital works, with their respective URLs (electronic addresses), besides several texts presented in Symposium and of resonant works and musical participants of the Hipersonica event.