FILE BRASILIA 2017 – Electronic art in the disruptive age | CCBB

The power of animated image

As the famous saying of Confucius tells: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In this sense, perhaps we could say that an animation, with hundreds of images, is worth more than thousands of texts.
Whoever lived in the distant decades of animation was certainly exposed to cartoons without dialogue or written narratives, which were filled with stories and adventures, such as The Road Runner, Tom & Jerry and The Pink Panther.
Speaking of more current cartoons, “Geri’s Game” tells the story of an old man who plays chess with himself, taking the position of the two competitors. A work without any dialogue that won the 1998 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
Within this wordless universe, FILE Anima+ presents a special curation for children with cartoons that do not relate to simple lines, but to the richness of details, such as shapes and colors, movements and musicality. One of them is the French award-winning short film “Blue Honey,” which tells the story of a small bee allergic to pollen that discovers an extraordinary product that will drastically affect the life of the hive. Another example is “My Strange Grandfather”, short film by Russian artist Dina Velikovskaya, which tells the story of a child whose grandfather, with some strange habits, makes creative objects.
There is also the fun “Parrot Away”: on a lonely island, there is a pet shop of parrots with the most beautiful birds of the seven seas. The parrot Pierre lives there and his biggest dream is to sit on the shoulder of a great pirate and live great adventures, but he is ugly and a bit clumsy. One day, a late pirate, very worn and desperate, is forced to carry the only parrot left in the store – Pierre! But the adventure is not like Pierre expected.

Raquel Olivia Fukuda