FILE CURITIBA 2014 – Installation

Rejane Cantoni & Leonardo Crescenti – SPEAK

An autonomous, interactive speaking machine, designed to establish automatic communication and synchronization between humans and machines, and between machines and machines. In the installation, a microphone makes the interface with a “choir” of forty cellphones. The whole equipment is ready to capture voices and other sounds. The autonomous speaking machine analyzes the information and establishes equivalences with its memory. In positive cases, the machine generates an audiovisual result with a semantic meaning similar to the captured sound, i.e., it speaks and shows on the screens an identical or similar word to that of the listened word. Soundboxes and the visualization of words on the cellphone screens make a “dialogue” possible, and humans can listen and see the machines chatting.

The two work together in the development od strategies for the experimentation and implementation of audio-tactile-visual interfaces that make it possible for the public to explore and interact naturally with data banks and virtual, remote or hybrid environments.
Rejane Cantoni studied Communication, Semiotics, Visualization of Information System and Kinematic Interfaces, in São Paulo and In Geneva; since 1987 she has researched and developed immersive installations with devices for the acquisition and manipulation of data in natural and/or sensorized and automated environments.
Leonardo Crescenti studied architecture at FAU/USP, in São Paulo; since 1978 he has investigated and developed projects in various media and supports. As director, he had realized 13 short films receiving numerous awards and national and international participations, including 3 participations in the Director’s Fortnight in the Cannes Film Festival.