Elie Zananiri, Hugues Bruyère & Mathieu Léger


Witness the transformation of a digital screen into an amazing interactive ecosystem. Using your cell phone, you (like several dozen others, concurrently) dial up to create a lumpy little organism and whoop ’n’ holler into your phone to keep it alive — but beware, the same noise that sustains the lil’ bibitte also attracts toxic bacteria! Special “combo” numbers afford extra life points to keep the creature wiggling and wandering. “Peptone” is built with open Frameworks and MegaPhone.

FILE PAI 20111

Peptone is the hybrid baby of Elie Zananiri, an animator and programmer that will one day become a cabinetmaker; Hugues Bruyère, a programmer and designer that will one day become a chef; and Mathieu Léger, an illustrator and paper-folder that will one day become a funeral urn maker. They join forces to create whimsical, poetic games where losing your inhibitions is more important than winning.