Artificiel: Alexandre Burton & Julien Roy


Using an audio-modulated Tesla coil as a live instrument, electrical arcs are generated and transformed in an ongoing, realtime audiovisual process. Electricity is used as a subtle yet intense material, manifested as an instrinsically synesthesic phenomenae. The composition goes from a raw manifestation, to a structured & rythmic audiovisual pattern, to a slow visual and sound processing exploration, to culminate to a pure, acoustic melody. Over time, the relationship between live acoustic coil and the video projection and sound reinforcement is articulated as a formal dramaturgical tensor. The challenge of bringing such an instrument on stage and allow it to perform alongside a strong AV setup.
Building on a context that is halfway between a musical presentation and a media arts installation, “POWEr” is in line with Artificiel’s development with previous projects such as condmned_bulbes (2003) and cubing (2006) and it takes its place by raising the stakes of spontaneity and working with evermore complex musical and visual structures.
POWEr is a commission for the 10th edition of MUTEK. This project has been supported by the Canada Arts Council and the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec.

Artificiel is a creation studio that is dedicated to producing artworks through digital technologies. The works have different formats, from installation to performance, and are presented as exhibitions, stage-based shows or in-situ interventions. Sound art, visual art, software/hardware design and context are integrated in each project. All works are linked by the constant preoccupation of rigor and pertinence in regards to the artistic praxis and techniques that underline creation.