Raquel Kogan


The installation “Reler” is comprised of one wood bookstand filled with 50 untitled books, similar to any library. All of the books are apparently the same, same color and all of the same width and height, identified solely by the golden number engraved on the spine. But, they are not your usual books. They are books to be heard and not read.
Short beloved excerpts, the personal choices of a number of 50 people invited to participate in the execution of the installation, with each book having an owner, and a voice. Upon opening the book, the interactor has his face illuminated, and a built-in audio-recording system with integrated circuit, sounds out a pre-recorded voice of the one who selected that excerpt reading from his favorite book, for a maximum of four minutes.
Simultaneously, in the expository space, all of the texts being
“read” from the removed and opened books will be added one to another by one interface connected with the computer, forming the quadraphonic sound of the ambient in real time. Thus, creating a palimpsest of voices, timbres and languages which continually changes as new books are removed and returned.
In this interactive immersive installation, the presence of the user and his individual choice is a part of many other individual choices which, together, form the voice of the installation.

Graduated in Architecture, winning by the Rumos Transmedia prize at Itaú Cultural in 2002/2007 and indicated to Sergio Motta Prize 2005/2009, Raquel Kogan researches works with interaction and agency of space in digital media proceeds.