Keith Lam

Flaneur Symphony

“Flâneur Symphony” turns individual wanderings into music. It records the views and experiences of the city which belongs to the individual. The conversation between Flâneur and city – wandering speed, location, interaction with others, etc. – through the flâneur’s steps are captured and turned into musical notes and rhythms. The audience watches and listens, but may choose to reverse the roles and use his own footsteps, to turn from being the watcher to being watched, and let others observe his city. City: Formed by People. The interaction between participants and the city is the main focus of “Flâneur Symphony”. The City is formed by Flâneur (participants) and the interaction between Flâneur and city is the core of the work. The audience can either view the city which is composed by the others, or compose his/her own city. Sound of City: “Flâneur Symphony” is a kinetic sound installation which will present a person’s experience of walking around the city in the form of music. Participant can carry the mobile pack to experience the community. The interaction between the participant and the surroundings will be sent to the installation in the exhibition hall and transformed into music. Collaborative City: a collaborative action of different people in the city The reception of the work, the thoughts provoked and the viewing of others’ experience will not be limited to the exhibition venue, a personal map will also be generated to show the journey of each individual, and will be send to the website for record. Despite the personal journey, all records will combine and form a map, which shows the collective experience of the place.

Keith Lam, a new media arts artist, artistic director of a new media art group “dimension+“. Consultant of Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. His artworks have been invited to festivals including Ars Electronica, FILE 2009, Split Film Festival, AveCom, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong Arts Biennale, etc. His work “Moving Mario” was awarded the Honorary Mention in Ars Electronica 2008. Keith received the Young Artist Award (Film & Media Arts) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2008.