Rachel Zuanon & Geraldo Lima


“BioBodyGame” consists of a wearable computer that allows the user to play games using their neurophysiologic signs. It is a wireless interface for biometric interaction with games loaded into the system. Both games and wearable computer react to the emotion of the user at the moment of interaction. The playability can get easier or more difficult according to the emotional state of the user at that very moment. The wearable computer interprets the user’s emotion and reacts to it by changing the colors (back and front) and by applying vibrations (back). A really calm user, extremely careful and focused will have its playability enhanced and the “BioBodyGame” will mostly react by showing the color blue. If the user is just calm and focused, the color displayed is green. A tense user, distracted or nervous will have its playability difficult and its “BioBodyGame” will react becoming yellow and applying a slight vibration in the user’s back. However, a really tense and unfocused user will have its playability worsen and the “BioBodyGame” will react by changing its color to red and by vibrating really intensively. Sensors incorporated to the wearable computer are used to map the neurophysiologic signs of the user. Two of these sensors analyze the psico-phisyological signs of the user of the “BioBodyGame”. It is only from the reading of the following parameters: anxiety control, emotional variability and emotional response. The cardiac sensor analyses the blood flow; functional oxygen; cardiac frequency and sympatic and parasympatic activity of the user. The design of the “BioBodyGame” is adjustable to different body types. It means that the wearable computer can be expanded or contracted in order to fit the user’s body. Its main challenge lies in the fact that it tries to reserve the user’s comfort, in other words, it is ergonomic. Once each and every possibility of uncomfort may alter the neurophysiologic signs and by doing so, it would compromise the biometric information.

Rachel Zuanon – media artist and designer. PhD and MS in Communication and Semiotics(PUC-SP).Bachelor of Visual Arts(UNESP-SP).Researcher and teacher at Master in Design (UAM). She was Coordinator of Digital Design and of Post-Graduation in Hypermedia Design, both at UAM, and she was teacher in the Department of Languages of the Body(PUC-SP). Geraldo Lima – Fashion and costume designer. Master of Design(UAM). Post-Graduation in Fashion, Art and Culture(UAM). Graduate in Industrial Design(UEMG).