This interactive website called allows the audience as creative user the possibility to remix the hundreds of samples recorded from around the world and then save their own mix. Soundcities is an online database of the thousands of sounds from around the world. The website also has series on online mixing desks where you can mix these sounds. Soundcities uses city recorded soundscapes from world cities made over the last five years. All the sounds are now online also online as open source sounds. The database allows full open sourced access and listening to the individual sounds. The Database is also open so anyone can upload sounds they collect from world cities, thereby making a contribution to the project and making an online sounds archive. LISTEN TO SOUNDS BY CITY: aarhus, amsterdam, bamako – mali, barcelona, belo horizonte, bergen, berlin, bilbao, birmingham, bristol, brussels, budapest, camberwell, chicago, cork, dresden, granada, graz, halifax nova scotia , istanbul, lisboa, ljubiana, london, los angeles, napoli, new york, paris, porto, prague, rio de janeiro, rotterdam, salzburg, san francisco, san sebastian, sao paulo, seoul, shanghai, taipei, tokyo, trieste, uhtrect LISTEN TO SOUNDS BY MOOD: ambient, atmosphere, beat, birds, boredom, churches, industrial, mechanical, music, noisy, people, rythm, sirens, speaking, traffic, travel, voices, weather Introduction The sounds of cities also give clues to the emotional and responsive way we interact with our cities. Cities all have specific identities, and found sound can give us clues to the people that inhabit these spaces, as well as provoking us and stimulating our senses in a musical way. I am interested in the sounds of specific places, and how the sounds reflect this identity and re-imposes characteristics back onto the location or environment. The aim is to create an online aural experience that evokes place, both as literal description but also developed musical composition. The sounds of cities evoke memories. As globalization fractures the identity of the city experience we start to find things that appear the same the world over. A growing labyrinth, a community of aural cityscapes and collages is now evolving online.The nature of the sounds and noise of cities varies in tone and language. A background rhythm can come into the foreground. It mixes itself, and evolves. The city is its own music, constantly evolving, a beautiful composition of squeaks, clanks, and pulses we compose this orchestra as we move about. We control the interface of the city as we navigate the streets. We are familiar but distracted as it bombards our conscious slipstream. The sounds evolve, generate, move, die, fade and shift. The sounds of the city are out there all the time, there is no silence, the code does not stop. The children, the trains, the drills, the animals, the micro sounds, the sounds of our bodies, the sounds of the street, the insides of our souls. Familiar forms, identities and sounds are common to all cities, and yet each have special forms that separate and identity particular places and spaces.

Stanza is an artist who deals with net art, multimedia, electronic music and painting. Most of his work can be viewed from Stanza studied at Goldsmiths and Central Saint Martins in London. The work has gained an international reputation for net specific artworks and number of these interactive audio visual online net artworks have been exhibited internationally and have won net art specific awards, including the Links first prize Porto 2001, Videobrasil 2001 first prize, Cynet art 2000 first prize,dresden. [ all prizes given to my online internet artwork the central city (] Most recent exhibitions include sao paulo bienale on the theme of metropolis in brazil and zeppelin in barcelona. In the last twelve months Stanza has been to Holland, Germany, Spain, Denmark, London, Slovenia, Austria, Ireland, Turkey, Portugal and Brazil, presenting his