FILE 2013 – Installation – Machinima

Victor E. Morales – 30 Seconds or More – One Animation a Day (The Tree 01, Oasys of Buggy Threes & Quantum People on Vacation)

“30 Seconds or More – One Animation a Day” are a series of experiments of real time media made with the video game engine Cryengine 3.
Each of these experiments was made in less than 5 hours and their purpose was to explore a kind of surreal world inside the machine. They are not dreams but rather misconstructions of broken spaces and figurative electric avatars; all created using “buggy” behaviors within a really advanced visuals and physics engine. But instead of aiming at photo-realism I try to find a kind of tragicomedy using bugs and “wrongdoings”. All with the help (and inspiration) of Päl Asle Andersen’s deep “noise-scapes”.

Victor Morales was born in Venezuela and received a Law Degree from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, in 1990. Based in New York City since 1991, he completed a Master’s degree in Technology Applied to the Arts at New York University’s Gallatin Division, in 1992. He is a director, performer and designer, whose work includes video animation and design, text, sound design, and movement. Since 2003 he has been obsessed with the art of video game modifications and has implemented different game engines into most of the works he has participated in or created.