FILE 2013 – Installation

Espadaysantacruz studio – Interactive Chalk Cars

“Interactive Chalk Cars” is an installation-based video game. A chalk circuit is constantly scanned by a computer vision system. The computer builds a virtual copy of the circuit and projects it back to the physical world using projection mapping techniques. Users can play a Scalextric-like game, in which virtual cars interact with a real circuit. Projected cars can collide with each other or be affected by the chalk trails. The installation uses the computer vision library OpenCV, the physics library Box2D together with openFrameworks, and MadMapper.
The video game is inspired by traditional racing games that use bottle cap cars. The project aims to appropriate playground games objects and dynamic to create new digital experiences. Playground games have some interesting features that can inspire new ways of creating more engaging video games and interactive installations. The crucial features of games as “Interactive Chalk Cars” are their adaptability to different environments and the organic generation of rules and play models.

Espadaysantacruz Studio is a creation and management collective of interactive and visual projects based in Madrid since 2008. Our objective is the development of artistic practices associated with new technologies for interactive softwares, multimedia installations, mapping projects, augmented reality, and data visualization.
The studio is led by three professionals in audiovisual, new media, photography, cultural management, arts education, and technology industries.