FILE 2013 – Media Art

WickedWax Pictures – the dead man & the dog

The dead man & the dog is a film that portrays the relationship between a man and his crooked dog. The dog is said to be humankind’s best friend & companion. We follow the protagonists on a journey, as they struggle across the dunes, through the desert. A quest searching for one’s inner self, a lost oasis in a deserted landscape where there is nowhere to hide from the blazing rays of the sun.

Brede Korsmo is an idea based multidisciplinary artist, working on the border of film & print, feeding one process into another, in an attempt to create a his own storytelling language, inspired by the poetics of everyday-life. Brede developed his work through a mix of Graffiti, Graphic Arts and last but not least Digital video. Brede is an explorative thinker with epicurean tastes, his work is shaped by the energies of chance, imperfection & happy accidents.